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Before I do my thing, let me point you to Shmoo's pictures from St. Petersburg and also the Baltic capitals. You'll see some repeats, but you'll also see a whole lot of me. You can also see Sloop's pictures from Scandinavia, St. Petersburg, the Baltic Capitals, the Teutonic tour, and the Hedonist trail. I imagine some of you need to slack off from work, so this collection should do just fine.

After not doing computer in Barcelona to prove that I am not addicted, I'm back using free Internet at hostels in Budapest! God bless free Wifi and please damn the western world for charging for it.

Barcelona is a wonderful city with lots of weird architecture. Too bad many stores and one of the museums were closed for August - some Spaniards need an extended siesta. We had horrible experiences getting food, so let me stick with architecture, by far the highlight of the trip. Here are a few to get you started. Which one is not Gaudi?

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shmoo said...

Horrible experiences getting food? How can that be?