From France to Spain

France was all food and art... and Spain is food and architecture. We are currently outside Park Guell, one of Gaudi´s many master pieces around Barcelona - by the way, Sagrada Familia has progressed since the end of 2003. They might actually finish!

Meanwhile, I´ve updated Peru (finally, with real pictures!) from my travels in June. I am not ready to do the logs for France and Spain yet since PNGF has been complaining about my addiction to the computer. No pictures either cus I´ve decided to shut down the laptop for a few days to cure my addiction (it will only prove that I don´t have an addiction... I don´t have to do it... I just enjoy it when I can, like now).

Anyway, more updates on the home page, including Ibiza, Amsterdam, and a bit of Brussels (still needs work). All have corresponding Picasa photo albums. Enjoy!

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