Malaysia, Part 2

So you want to know why there are 2 posts for the same subject?? Because Picasa annoyingly only does 4 pictures at a time. Arg. You'd think Google would have sorted this out by now.

Anyway, on with the Malaysia trip.

The Urangutans were cute, but they were still not entirely wild. Here's a wild proboscis monkey ready to make the leap... um... the school of proboscis monkeys were fleeing from us tourists. A moment ago, they were all enjoying a quite morning eating leafs and tree bark. Then one boat spots them, 5 ram up the engines and congregate around the tree, and the monkeys flee from their comfortable rest stop into the dense forest behind. Yup, wildlife tourism. It's great.

Fleeing monkey

All of us have heard about leeches. Here's one that allegedly latched on to my pants, made its way onto PNGF's thigh (to her absolute absolute horror... and to my absolute amusement). This also made my 2nd biggest regret on the trip: not taking a picture of leech on PNGF thigh. Dang it! Nonetheless, my kindness of not squishing it in toilet paper (PNGF Buddhist speech) gave the leech a second life.

And here it is in the morning, climbing the shower curtain in search for more blood.

No trip to a third world country is complete without a native dance. Here's a (fake) headhunter.
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Juanjaime said...

It would've been fun to put the leech in a bottle filled with blood and give it a pet name.

chaubella said...

JVBF, thank you for the lovely reminders of my horrifying experince... the blog and emailed web images bring back fond memories.