Today I learn about hovering

Instructions for this blog post:
  1. Check out this hilarious set of ads from Gizmodo (Below is the focus of this study)
  2. Note the bathroom part, second to last row
  3. Proceed to discussion below

I was quite amused the girls actually hover over their toilets due to sanity issues. I've always imagined the girls bathroom to be much cleaner than the guys and much more pleasant to step into. Apparently not so. But then study the graph carefully...

When you think about why a guys bathroom is dirty, it's a matter of being able to aim. We don't pay attention, so we create a mess. But girls... they don't need to aim. They just sit down and deposit. Why would it be dirty at all when the route is straight down? Gravity will take care of everything and all the dirty stuff should be in the toilet only.

Now I know. It's hovering. Left hand side 2 pictures of the 2nd last row on the girls side. Study that carefully and ask: doesn't hovering create a dirty toilet in the first place??? As I mentioned above, there's no reason for a mess to be created in the lady's room. Unless... you hover above. When she hovers, doesn't she compromises her aim? Doesn't that mean there's a chance to make the toilet dirty? Doesn't that mean the next user will have to do something about it? Doesn't that mean more hovering? Doesn't more hovering mean more dirty toilets? Why am I asking so many rhetorical questions? My head is spinning...

Ladies: stop hovering, save the toilet. (Hero style)


chaubella said...

1) guys shouldn't know about hovering
2) hovering was probably invented as a result of the shared men/ women's bathrooms (now those are disgusting!)
3) you failed to mention the toilet paper alternative (the preferred method), which does not involve hovering
4) back to #1). guys shouldn't know about hovering!

p.s. picture didn't show well, so here's a link to the gizmodo post:

shmoo said...

The men's bathrooms in bars are hilarious. It's really not that uncommon to find a glass in the toilet/urinal.