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Alas, I've been stationed in Shanghai for almost three months... or is it four? I'm loosing track. Took some pictures around Shanghai to share with my 3 readers (Mom asked to be included in the reader list... so, if you are counting, it's Bro, PNGF, and Mom).

Smog is part of every day life in Shanghai. It starts when the sun comes out and ends when the sun sets. I've been staying at the Le Meridien facing the Bund most of the time. I think there's one morning (in three months) where I've felt good about looking outside my room.

This is not one of those mornings.
Speaking of the Le Meridien, it's quite a nice hotel. The staff all know me by Mr. Lam and they start saying things like "welcome back" and "same old, Mr. Lam?". Somewhat disturbing, me thinks, when strangers start to know all your habbits... such as my morning office destination and that returning at 1130pm is "you're home early". Just to clarify: NOT early. NOT home.

Here's a picture of my Shanghai "home" from People's Park

More pictures from People's Park
And the aforementioned (in a previous post) about the marriage advertisements. This is the small crowd that I felt comfortable taking pictures of. There's a MUCH bigger crowd nearby...
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Laughing Man said...

LOL, the staff are just trying to make you feel at home, making the best out of a not so great situation.