Movie (experience) review - 非誠勿擾

Well, let's talk about the movie first. Simple and predictable premise: decent man posts ad about looking marriage, meets girl who isn't really interested in him, conflicts between the two, (eventual) happy ending. It's actually a much better movie that what I described, but since it is quite straight forward, I'll skip the details.

Good performances from former best actor (China) 葛優 and former super porn star 舒琪. It's a very calm movie with nothing over the top and totally believable (more on this later).

Anyway, I said the review was on the movie experience, as I have never seen a movie in China. Or maybe my friend who bought the tickets has a cruel sense of humor:
  • All the seats in the theater were two-people love seats, with no handle bar in the middle
  • My two friends sat together...
  • ... so I ended up sitting next to a burly man who slept and snored lightly watching what essentially is a very good date movie
I sincerely hope other theaters are different, or this may be the last time I watch one in China.

I said "more on this later"... "this" being the marriage advertisements. Today, I was taking a nice stroll in People's Square when I saw a massive crowd gathered for... none other than marriage advertisements! While there were a few people who were advertising themselves, most of them were parents advertising for their sons and daughters. I wish I could tell you how fascinating it was, but I didn't want to be too rude to take a picture.


chaubella said...

did you take a picture of the love seat? if not, you'll have to go back. =) btw, it could've been worse... the burly man could've fallen asleep on your shoulder. (it happens). heehee.


Laughing Man said...

Did you cuddle with him anyways?

陳大文 部落 said...

[ All the seats in the theater were two-people love seats, with no handle bar in the middle]

...................!!!!! @@"~