Obamera? Obamania?

I tried to stay up to watch the inauguration. No such luck. I fell asleep when Joe Biden spoke. Somethings never change.

And so the Obama Era begins. I wrote about "you win, and then?" back in November. I hope he succeeds.

I actually quite liked his inauguration speech (replay), which was a far cry from the arousing campaign speeches he has given. A much more sobering note. Fitting for the current environment, actually. It's time to put all the talk away and start getting your hands dirty. And so he did, on his first day. Suspending Guantanamo Bay, drawing the line between his staff and lobbyists, salary freeze... yes, it's always easy to fix the home. Now it's time to fix the country.

By the way, I did not like the CNN coverage of the inauguration. It seems like only African Americans are attending the celebrations. I understand their emotions are more moving and more TV-worthy... but there are white people there too who are just as thrilled with the new president! Interivew them too! Please! (Sadly, it almost felt like the TV channels were trying to discredit Obama by only showing his African American supporters)

As usual, some idiot in China has decided that the speech needs to be edited for the common Chinese. Uh... it's called the Internet... you can't edit this stuff out.

No. You. Can't.

Yes We Can.

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