Malaysia, Part 1

Well, when I first told PNGF that we'd go hike Kinabalu during our Christmas break, I was met with skepticism: "You mean climb?"

Let the record show that she's right. It was climbing. As in hold on to that rope or you will fall to your death climbing. Or a broken limb. Or whatever. Yeah, the websites did tell me that Kinabalu was "one of the easiest mountains to climb"... I guess I should have read that carefully. It didn't say hike.

I'm not sure if I will be writing a travel blog (I didn't in Korea... sigh... and has been taken over by some unknown Japanese assailant) this time, although the thought of continuing to fill my world map remains highl motivating for me. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Summit of Kinabalu, without Mountain Guide

That's where we were 8 hours ago
Orangutans enjoying a meal (the one on the left is a homosapien)
You can tell that this one will be trouble
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