Fail blog

In honor of fail blog... oh, and I somehow took all these pictures at Luoyang.

At my hotel... the"Fire fighting and life saving masks" are sealed behind glass... smash through with hands first... I wonder if they have a first aid kit somewhere (No, they don't, I looked)
I don't see the obstacle... what obstacle?
Not sure if I should be laughing or crying. Miss Universe competition comes to Luoyang! And they are posing with GuanYu in their Bikinis; GuanYu would have probably chopped off their heads had he seen these girls. Not good times. Note to Miss Universe: bikinis are nice... but not universal for all locations and occations.
From a high end department store. Due to prevelance of counterfeits, this department store posts a short description of its brands. They focus on the origin (most are Korean... to my surprise) of the product and it's target audience. Here's one for Crocs... except that they didn't copy and paste the brand name.
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