#1 sin gluttony

Tsukiji will come, don't worry. I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the restaurant... but took a few in the markets. I think it deserves a second chance where I can spend more time in there... and maybe even attend the 5am tuna auction.

Anyway, my trip to NYC brings me through Chicago:

Gibson's - great steak as usual. Some would argue that I've been so deprived in Shanghai and Hong Kong that even Denny's steak and egg would have done the trick. Nice one. But no. I've traveled to NYC a few times to get steak at Shula's and Delmonico's. I've at least had above average steak. =) Gibson's never disappoints. I had the 24-oz porterhouse which was made perfectly. The filet mignon side was slightly better than the tenderloin side. Otherwise, our attention turned to the massive turtle pie - an ice cream pie that feeds about 10... there were only three of us. I forgot to bring my camera though. sigh.

West Egg - Rod's country fried. Nuff said. West Egg used to be where we hung out Sunday morning after some crazy Saturday nights. Good times. The food is so-so but the nostalgic value is high. Yay! Was nice to see MK at our usual spot.

Marche - I told myself I wouldn't have steak again due to the 24-oz Gibson experience. Well... when the waitor started describing the bacon wrapped burger with truffle fries, I couldn't resist. The burger was okay, but the truffle fries really did the job. Mmmm. I think this is the first time I paid for Marche food... it used to be a big recruiting restaurant for various consulting firms. Good times. PP and BSLW attended. Great to see old friends at familiar spots.

Hot Chocolate - well... I did once say in my Chicago restaurant review that I "regret not going to Hot Chocolate" No more regrets now. All the food had great presentation... the taste, however, was mixed. The namesake hot chocolate was really good although the whole marshmallow was too sweet (see below). Get the medium and only melt half the marshmallow. ML said the half and half (with espresso) was very good. The food was disappointing. The farmers omlette was quite good but nothing surprising. I guess this was a case of high expectations. Oh well. Bumped into Desi and his family at the restaurant and finally met the super pooping baby. She was very cute. Good times again.

Penelope (Citysearch review)- ah, finally I made it to NYC. Somehow, PNGF duped her friend EL to wait at a popular brunch place and hold the space in line. Nicely done. Two words: Nutella French Toast. Okay, that was three words. My god that was good. I already love NYC.

Pomme Frittes - I've seen them everywhere but never had the fries there. Well, somehow, this turned into our dinner. Interesting business model though, since they charge $1 for the sauce. I wonder if they can lower the price for potatoes and charge more for the innovative sauce they make. Ketchup is free... but the Vietnamese Pinapple mayo is pretty good. And I would want to try the Mango Chutney Mayo and Honey Dijorn Mustard next time.

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chaubella said...

re: hot chocolate, marshmallow is perfectly sweet if you get the dark chocolate hot chocolate. drool...

re: penelope, i did not dupe EL. he's a brunch rookie. if i lived a block away, i'd put our names down and chill at home for an hour. =)

re: pomme frites, we did try the mango chutney and it was too sweet.

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Juanjaime said...

I hate you ><
I will revenge you with my Japan trip this summer, you just wait.