1st week in NYC...

Hmmm... let's see... what does one do with free time?

  • Met up with MBA friend AW... who now has a son O! With super chubby cheeks! By the way, Tea Box Cafe at Takashimaya has really good and healthy food... until the green tea creme brulee
  • Line up for free cone day at Rockefeller Center; actually, I cut in line because I found PNGF and her colleague taking a 30 minute break from work already lining up. Sweet!
  • Learn about classes at ICP
  • Cook vegetables at home... contrary to popular belief, I can actually cook
  • Met up with Tufts friend HW at Gramercy Tavern; absolutely delicious cheese filled meatballs... oh, and the ham sandwich wasn't bad either. Can skip the chowda... I miss the Chinese soup already
  • Wandering to B&H to find some photography equipment (too expensive)
  • Wandering more to Max Brenner at Union Square for hot chocolate... get the Italian... still a bit sweet, but quite amazing!
  • Cook tomato fried egg at home; it's my second time coming this dish... first was in grade 8. GRADE 8! Great success, Borat style.
  • Met up with PNGF at Norma's, Le Parker Meridien - yup, another Le Meridien (see review of Shanghai Le Meridien) visited
  • You know, the Chocolate Waffle with Peanut Butter and Toffee Crunch filling deserves its own bullet point
  • Maybe a second bullet point... mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Bumped into SPCC friend AL (now AT, apparently) in Rockefeller Center... what are the chances of that!?
  • Met up with AG colleague ZL in Rockefeller Center... nice offices!
  • Met up with PNGF to eat at a Pizza Parlor, who claims to be the most famous pizza in the world. I beg to differ, though the Hawaian wasn't bad.
  • Watched a movie screening with PNGF - The Boys will be Back. I thought it was an "excellent" movie, though PNGF only thought it was "fair"
  • Ron from Harry Potter makes a major screen appearance! As... you know it's coming... Harry (in the movie, was that too confusing?)!
  • Walked by Serendipity 3 on the way back home. Last time we went to Seki Sushi and walked by it was closed due to health reasons... boo... twas overrated overall. Pecan pie was a big soggy and the frozen hot chocolate... I don't understand the fuss.
  • No practicing of my awesome cooking skills tonight. Yay!
  • Lunch at Payard with PNGF; I've never heard of it but it was a pleasant surprise
  • The Chocolate Mousse also deserves its own bullet point
  • Hm... what else happened on Friday!? Went to get a free pint of Ben and Jerry (yay!) courtesy of JK. Mmm... coffee heath bar ice cream... drool again
  • Met up with Booth buddy RY at a coffee shop
  • Cooked beef with vegetable. Great success again! Beef a bit dry but the sauce was right
Saturday (now)
  • Learned about the newest female products on hand, courtesy of brother JL. Why didn't I think of this?
  • Lunch with PNGF at her favorite Pho place in Chinatown... twas good... but no pupu platter
  • Walked around Empire State building in anticipation of a tour with ET later tonight or tomorrow
  • Pinkberry with PNGF after her guitar lesson... yum yum
  • Bumped into long lost family friend in PNGF's apartment elevator - he's here to see apartments - what are the chances of THAT!? I'm starting to feel that NYC is a very small place
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shmoo said...

ZL! And his GSB '08 coworker LG (nee LW)?

The only person I can think of in our class with the initials AW wouldn't have a kid that looked like that...

Laughing Man said...

You're definitely making ME feel like NYC is a really small place.

Hope you have a baseball game scheduled in your trip. Hope you caught the sweep at Fenway too.

Jessica J said...

Hope you enjoyed the Ben & Jerry's. Thanks for the Tea Box reco. I'm going to try it after my Spanish lesson tomorrow. Go Bulls!