Dreaming a dream...

I spent April Fools Day wondering if my boss was joking when he said he'd fire me... okay, that was a lame joke. But I did wonder whether I should take him seriously when he said "I want this on my desk at 9am". 2nd lame joke! I'm on a roll.

Truth is, nothing happened on April Fools. Not even an in-office prank. No tin foil action. No crazy stickies. I was told we need to cut cost and the tin foil joke (i.e. wrap an entire office in tin foil) was going to cost about HK$62.8... oh well.

I did, however, have the weirdest dream. Read on:
  • There were definitely some preludes to the exciting part of the dream, but I can't remember them
  • Anyway, in the dream, I was in a large resort with Bain undergoing corporate training of some sort...
  • We were then asked to do some homework and submit it...
  • The dream skips ahead: I'm done with my homework and it's on my laptop. I'm walking around the resort and trying to get back to the classroom... except that the resort is like a maze. I'm lost.
  • Ah, there's the classroom door. The moment I walk in, I get an email from PNGF... she was involved in a plane crash but she's okay...
  • Now, I'm in full panic mode... and then my instructor, AW (who in real life is a senior analyst whom I worked with many times), asks for my homework
  • "What? I didn't print it out!? Fudge!"
  • AW says "You must submit it now"
  • I ignored her and wandered into the resort. Somehow, I think I can find PNGF there.
  • Can't find PNGF - I'm heading back to the classroom.
  • Lost.
  • I pass by the gym... and there are a bunch of friends working out there. Friends from HK, from Boston, from Chicago, all working out there. Hmmm.
  • There's a TV in the gym. Philippines president Arroyo is making an announcement about the plane crash - they're trying to reach the survivors. Me too me too!
  • Finally, I get back to the classroom. AW rushes me for my homework.
  • I ignored her again and turned to my partner NP (whom I'm working with now) and tell him about PNGF's accident and asked where I can find her
  • NP says "I'm sorry to hear that... how's Charlie?" (Insider joke... some people call PNGF Charlie by mistake)
  • Me: How do you know her name!?
  • I turn around and there PNGF is, with her glasses, and she says "Happy April Fool's Day!"
And then I woke up. Seriously. I didn't make up any of this.


Kwun said...

I wish I could have more funny dreams like that! Did you see the 4A-ers at the gym??

Josekin said...

Yes I did, actually. Gabriel was doing some chin ups.