Boys will be back

As I mentioned earlier, PNGF and I went to a screening of "The Boys are Back". I thought it was an excellent movie.

One quick clarification... apparently all white people look alike to me. I thought Ron from Harry Potter was in the movie playing a character called Harry. I thought that was quite funny. Well, turns out it is a different person altogether.

Back to the movie. It's really about parenting, which is why even though I liked the movie, I wouldn't recommend it to everybody. Clive Own's character has been so busy with work that he routinely ignores his young son Arty (he' already ignored Harry, his first son from his first marriage). The death of his 2nd wife forces him to become a real parent - hilarity and chaos ensues.

Not being a parent, it's difficult to understand the pressure they are constantly under. There is so much a child cannot understand and therefore so much a parent cannot tell a child. And, as always, it's always too late to realize these things (as a son). My parents rock.

Movie is highly recommended if you are a parent. Otherwise, can skip.

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