Off I go

You may be aware that I'm taking a 6 month leave from my current employer. Yup, that's right, I've decided to explore the blogging photographer career. Not.

Everybody I've told about this is amazed that Bain would let me go for six months. Me? I'm amazed that they are amazed. In times where cost cutting actually involves heads and not just less freebies, why wouldn't an employer NOT encourage taking leave? (Employer voice: not paying ABC's salary for six months!? Sign me up!!) And to have the employee volunteer himself? Even better!

Since there are "involuntary attrition" at some of Bain's competitors, I should clarify that I asked for a 6 months leave. I haven't really thought about what I am going to do specifically, but I will definitely be in NYC to spend more time with PNGF. I want to take a photography class while I am there so I don't stand still doing nothing. I'm also trying to find something that would fill my time nicely while progressing professionally.

Honestly, it hasn't hit me yet. I will write more.

Off to Chicago first for a few days. Steak, here I come.


hedonist said...

Wow, good for you! I'm really jealous! Anyway, wish you a very good break...and use your time wisely before it slips away!!

Juanjaime said...

please go here for me!

chaubella said...

PNGF sounds like a lucky girl...

Charmian said...

Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.
I would do the same if my employee will keep my job. =P