A typical day in New York City

Here's a typical day in New York:

Lunch at NY's #1 steakhouse at Peter Luger. My friend DT is getting married this Saturday and she's rewarding all those who've traveled all the way to NYC for her wedding (yup, I unashamed to put myself in that category) with a superb steak lunch.

We ordered tomato and thick cut bacon as appetizers... and main course was the porterhouse steak for 4 people (2 orders for 10 people). I have to say... the porterhouse was much better than I expected. When cooking that big piece of steak, it's very difficult to get the temperature just right. Kudos to them, cus they got it right. I enjoyed the sirloin part much better than the filet - it had more flavor. Compared to the one from Chicago Gibson's, the filet lacked a bit of flavor. It still melted in your mouth though. Good steak. Must bring PNGF here.

Did not try any desserts... because...

Our eating oddesy continued at Junior's, NYC's #1 in cheesecake. Good strawberry cheesecake. We tried a slew of other sweets (Apple crisp, original cheesecake, banana split, strawberry shortcake, and the milk shake below).. they were all very good. The only downside was that I couldn't move afterwards.

I dropped by the supermarket to buy some veggies and made fried rice at home. This is the first time I am making fried rice! I took a look at some onlien recipes (thank god for Internet) and made some adjustments to it. Got some good tips from fried rice expert PNGF and went on my way... to make a slightly sloppy fried rice. The problem was that the rice was too wet to begin with (even after days of refridgeration) and required a long time to cook. I've identified the KSF (key success factor) and will make a kick ass fried rice next time. The key is still the rice.

Alas, the fried rice was for PNGF only... since I had dinner plans with my ex-Bain HK colleagues MB, CL, and RW. To reminicent about our HK past, I picked a very cheap and good Cantonese restaurant on the out skirts of Chinatown - Congee Village. It was very good. During dinner, MB pulled out two Peter Bjorn & John tickets that he planned to scalp cus his wife can't go... and RW's jaw dropped to the floor claiming that "he's the biggest fan". Since MB can't go, CL (who still works for Bain) has a midnight call with her European colleagues, it was RW and me! To a concert. Who would have thought!?

It's too bad I didn't re-read a photo post on concert photography and didn't bring a monopod. I could have taken much better pictures. By the way, Webster Hall acoustics weren't very good... and PNGF immediately confirmed it afterwards. See? I have decent ears.
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I think I meant atypical day instead of "A typical day"... =)

Loving the city! MOMA today!

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Ping said...

Hope I have someone to chase after...I'd love to take a none-pay leave too!!! This is a life that I just had during my day dream.