To the armpit of America

Visited ex-AG colleague AL in Millburn NJ. Apparently, NJ is the armpit due to geographical location. Imagine Long Island / Cape Cod being an arm extending out of America, then NJ is right at the arm pits. Of course it doesn't help that it's first impression to all visitors from NY is miles and miles of un-managed swamps.

As you can see, Millburn is no armpit at all.

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AL and I used to be part of the LTFU crew, which was a close second to the Wing Squad in terms of random groups with common purpose that I have become a member of throughout the years. We got lunch at the marvalous Millburn Delicatessen - get the sloppy joe with any meat; it's very very very good - and enjoyed a good conversation beside the lake. Good times all around.

And... uh... I'm starting to feel the need to do something. What? It took me three weeks to feel antsy about free time.

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Juanjaime said...

Does LTFU have anything to do with STFU?

Laugh the....