Oscar winners...

I watched 2 of them in the last week or so.

Slumdog Millionaire

I thought the movie was great despite its simplicity. Excellent editing combined with the heart racing beats that somehow fit well with the back streets of India. I watched it for the first 30 minutes, and thought to myself: this is how a movie should be made. By that I really mean even for a simple story such as Slumdog, you can play with the sequence, the timing, the music, some simple plots, and arrive at a much better product. Hm... was is Oscar-worthy? I'm not sure. I haven't see The Reader or Milk yet - I have a feeling those will be much better movies to think about. Oh, and Revolutionary Road, I hear that was pretty good too. Anyway, highly recommended.

p.s. PNGF likes the shit scene. I cringe.


The Japanese film won the best foreign film at this years Oscar. When my dad said the movie was going to be at 9:30, I never thought it would be AM! Apparently the prices are 50% off on Sunday mornings. Shocking. And the theater was a full house.

I won't spoil the movie for you... only because you would have spoiled it yourself after the first 30 minutes. Everything was so predictable (per all Japanese movies). Some good scenes that were quite funny and touching. Lovely music. But just a regular tear jerking movie, me thinks. What's wrong with Oscar competition this year!?

Oh, and my dad said after the movie: if you find wife, it should be like her (wife in movie). Okay, dad.



My other Oscar viewing is this animated movie, which I think is one of the best "movies" I've seen in years.

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chaubella said...

i loved slumdog, and admit that i was LMAO during the shit scene even though i was cringing at the same time. haven't seen anything like that before. brilliant! =)

i liked revolutionary road more than the reader. we can watch milk together on my tiny, tiny screen (or crash S&E's). =P they might also show it in my movie room.