Statue of Liberty

ET came visiting NYC last weekend, so I took him and his wife out to Statue of Liberty. Years ago, I visited the top of the statue (the crown) and remember being amazed at this metal structure that was completely hollow.

Nowadays, the government doesn't allow tourists up the statue any more due to structural problems. Who knew?

Instead of climbing the statue, we settled for the audio tour around the island. The lady on the machine talked way too much, but we paid just enough attention to get the gist of the history. Actually, it's quite a good deal. For $20, you get a ferry ride to both Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island... and you get the guided tour to both islands. Now... if only everybody had the free time I had.

Yeah, I can't decide whether she's a he either...
We took our time around Statue of Liberty but rushed through the exhibits of Ellis Island, where all the immigrants were admitted and their future decided (for them). More time would be more fitting for such a historic place. Until next time... I have plenty!

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