That's 43 people on MSN - yet another sign that work has finally slowed for many GSBers. I've always wondered what would happen in Spring quarter: no presentations and no recruiting, what do business school students do with (to) themselves!? Alas, this past weekend provided the perfect answer:

Friday - LPF, eat crawfish, poker game.
Saturday - Greater China Conference, karaoke party.
Sunday - brunch, basketball.

So what else can I blog about? Poker game was won by my (so-called) protege 2R. Unfortunately I didn't get very good hands to play with (a total of 10 hands maybe in 3 hours), so I couldn't face off with 2R, which would be a fun time.

The China Conference was pretty well done considering that they didn't have much time to plan. Speakers were good but somewhat irrelevant. Not enough big picture view, in my opinion. Otherwise, a well done event!

Oh yes, I played 2 full hours of real basketball. I couldn't walk on Monday morning. LOL. I'll be playing again this Thursday. Must make this regular.

Admit Weekend II is in-coming. Amazing that it's already been a year since I decided that the GSB would be the school.

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Anonymous said...

I'm considering your comments today... shall I start to write my blog in English, at least once in a while?

2R the Protegee