Breaking news: B School Class Makes Sense to Mom!

Well well well... the conversation started innocent enough. A while ago, mom and I were discussing about our summer trip to Dublin (James will graduate from a London high school this summer), and I casually mentioned that my competitive strategy class used Ryanair, low cost carrier between London and Dublin, for a case study of tactics of Judo against incumbant giants BA and Air Linges.

That was a week ago. Today, mom tells me that she visited Ryanair's website and was shocked to find round trip tickets as low as $2! That's right, $2 between London and Dublin. For all four of us, it was going to be about $300 (um... $8 for the tickets, $292 for tax and other fees). And then it hit her: how do they do it? I explained the lost cost structure and Judo and so on... and it made perfect sense to her!

Mom being mom, she asks why I cannot buy a cheap ticket to Vancouver to attend my cousin's wedding during May. I tell her that there is an invetory problem with gates at Chicago. And mom says: it's like an entry to barrier.

Me: !!!!!


Anonymous said...


How do you say Barrier to Entry in Cantonese? Is is similar to miscellaneous?

Le Voyageur said...

amazing! your powers of explanation are impressive indeed.