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Here's mine:

Oh... also, I saw Munich a while ago. I thought the movie focused too much on the struggle of the individual assassin. I found myself dissatisdied with the discussion on the depth of the Israel Palestine issue. Is revenge the right solution? On one hand, you have the assassin who thinks it is not a solution at all because who he kills just gets replaced and, in turn, comes to threaten his life (at least he imagines so). On the other hand, there's the assassin's boss who thinks it is the only solution to deter (not enough, obviously) people from planning attacks. Right and wrong... so many options... but the director chose to focus on just the assassin. Perhaps to avoid the potential wrath of American viewers if he picked against Israel and the potential wrath of Arab viewers if he picked against Palestine.

One thing is for sure: since Munich, the two "countries" have repeated the cycle many many times. Has revenge worked...?

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