Today in Class...

Woohoo, finally, something about my classes at the GSB. Speaking of which, how do I get my blog onto the admission website? If you are completely unaware, admitted students get a list of blogs that they can visit on the website for admitted students. There are blogs from first and second years and also faculty members (Gary Becker's blog is awesome).

Anyway, finally, something about class! This is what I learnt from my International Comparative Organization class (basically, the class substitudes policy for culture to explain business behavior in other countries):

1. Free agent athletes exert effort up to the contract day, and then sulk after a big contract. Bigger the contract, bigger the sulk. Empirically tested in the NBA! I love this game! It's faaaaantastic!

2. Majority of human beings overestimate his or her ability (i.e. everyone thinks they are above average). Only the clinical depressed demographic are right on with estimates of their own ability/expected life/etc.

3. Good employees are identified relatively early in their career. Those who are identified early as "good" are more likely to succeed later in their career. However, research show that a wrong identification will still result in more likelihood of success! This is called the Halo Effect, caused by people bandwagoning on the identified person even though true ability is bad. For more details, check me out.

I'm almost done with my investments study group (learning SO much in that class that I'm not looking forward to the midterm at all). Next up, I get to listen to the Czech president speak about economic reform - he's a Chicago-trained economist - with Gary Becker. Good times all around.


meghaks said...

I can not believe you were blogging during our Investments Group Meeting! How rude...yet impressive with the multitasking... :-)

Le Voyageur said...

talk to poup or wakechick about getting your blog on the GSB site...