Chicago Brand and Sex

It's Admit Weekend II and I start getting emails about the Chicago Brand. While others have real reasons for coming to the GSB, I have one too - just realized this morning at 9:52 am while watching CNN.

CNN just presented a study on who is more satisfied sexually. Turns out Austria was number one at 71% satisfied while a host of western countries came in the top cluster. Predictably, Asian countries came in at the bottom with Japan scoring a 29% satisfaction rate for the dubious honor of lowest scoring country. The study concludes that it seems that sexual satisfaction is connected to gender equality.

So you're wondering what does this have to do with the Chicago Brand. Well, naturally, the study was carried out by the University of Chicago (bottom of the screen - it stared at me)! What's the value of the Chicago Brand? If the study were conducted by University of ABC, I would have raised the following questions:

1. Have you controlled for frequency of sex?
2. Have you controlled for gender?
3-100. Have you controlled for (insert demographic)?

But because it is the U of C, I know I'm getting the real deal and that the research was rigorously tested. Most reasonable doubts and question marks MUST have been answered by the researchers and the conclusion (gender equality -> sexual satisfication) reached is likely very close to the real answer.

Of course, you the reader should be skeptical. I was last week (here starts Part II of this post) when Professor Hsee of the GSB spoke about what makes the Chinese in China happy. Turns out owning a house and relative income were key factors. A third key factor was frequency of sex. Naturally, the audience were surprised (honestly, audience, why are you surprised!? I'm not!) about this and asked questions regarding it. Prof Hsee had it coming. He said he's controlled for gender, for marriage (!!!!! Meaning statistically marriage didn't add weight to the effects of frequency of sex !!!!!), for income, for almost all the question marks we the audience had. Amazing display.

And that is the Chicago Brand. When research comes out of Chicago, you know you are getting the real deal.

Especially when it comes to sex. (Sex is more important than marriage)


Le Voyageur said...

Damnation Josekin, your reason is SO much more valid than mine...

Josekin said...

I can only articulate what is funny...!