My Computer Exploded

Actually, I just wanted to see how that title looks in print. Pretty bad ass, I'd say.

Sunday night, I was sitting on the couch watching the NBA playoffs... ops, stopping the story: I really like watching the Bulls play. They play like a team at all times: constant moving with and without the ball, cuts, picks, movement, open looks. No true star player to take over down the stretch, but they play the right way. I've got tickets to their Thursday night game 3 and I'm skipping class (to be made up during a marathon Saturday class + review - damn you, Akash) to go see them. I have extra tickets if you'd like to go to!

I'm so easily distracted. Anyway, I was watching the game and typing up my homework that was due the next morning. Suddenly, I noticed that the power sign switched to battery mode. I looked down at the AC adaptor and the green light is on. Something is not right about this picture. I pick up the adaptor, and the green light starts fading. Noooooooooooo!

Um... no what? I don't even know. Since computers are like girls - warning signs are unpredictable and hard, if not impossible, to decipher - I have no idea what I should do but to leave it alone and hope all is well when I come back to it.

Alas, I couldn't wait for even five minutes. I plugged the stuff back into my computer. Green light comes on... battery not charging... green light goes off. Okay, so this is really frustrating; my batts are old, they don't last that long without the adaptor. Anyhow, I decided to keep the damn thing plugged in and hope it fixes itself.

Next thing I know, I smell something burning! Sparks are coming out of the wires of the adaptor. I'm not sure what happened, but I must be more amused than anything, cus I picked up the adaptor to see what's going on. That's when the thing exploded. Sort of. Fire and smoke and all. Unplug everything. Fire put out.

Okay... so if you remember, I'm supposed to be doing my homework assignment. I've got about 30 mintues on my computer, and this puts me in a really awkward situation. Do I speed up and finish everything in 30 minutes? Or do I use this 30 minutes to solve the battery problem? I did the latter (I'd wake up at 6am and head to school to finish the assignment - but that's another story). I went online and looked at Ebay and Dell websites - $70 for a new charger! Holy crap. I better call Dell. Jack - whose real name is probably Amit or Ashish - is very good over the phone and is worried that I might burn myself. He keeps telling me to unplug the adaptor and put it faaaar away from my computer. Yes, Jack, I'm doing that. Honestly. Thanks for the free adaptor, by the way!

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