Dream Poker

Fell asleep on the couch for the 962,287th time this year.

I'm holding A-6 unsuited in the late position. The flop came A-Q-6, all diamonds. In the dream, I can see my opponent's hand (A-8 diamonds). Naturally, my opponent raises, and I went all in. for some reason, the cards remained face down as the turn and the river were dealt. On the river, I caught a full house with a 6! Since the cards were face down (though it was clear int he dream that my opponent has a flush), I hesitated and looked at my cards again. I won!

Dream over.

Meanwhile, on TV, a poker tournament is being aired. Amazing. I wonder if that exact hand happened too?


mays said...

you are a real porker fan...

Josekin said...

more like an addict