Tony Parker, you da man

Tony Parker and Eva Langoria interviewing on E! I'm such a sucker for this stuff. Anyway, just want to point out that Tony Parker is the man. He's only 24!!!!!

Admit weekend. Always fun to talk to eager admits - they absolutely remind me of me. One difference though: I see a huge improvement over last years admit weekend. Much better organized and not too boring. I remember last year they stored us in the dreaded 104 room and lectured about the GSB for a good three hours. Good first hour to get us pumped up, and then it was all down hill. We were so tired at the end of the first day. This year, they moved people around so they didn't have to sit for too long. They made things more outdoor to get some fresh air. In fact, at a later bar event, I was told by admits deciding between schools that GSB's admit weekend was the best - "much more organized than Kellogg's" and "tighter message than Columbia." Amen.

NBA playoffs start today with the Bulls taking on the Heat. I thought the picture of Kirk Hinrich scratching his crotch would be a good start to the playoffs. Okay, maybe I should stop drinking in the morning.

Go Bulls!

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