The Switch is On

No, I'm not talking about how baseball teams play Big Papi.

I'm talking about my emotions. I had an uncontrollable moment in Toronto last weekend. Then I came back to Chicago and it lingered. I start noticing little things, like the belt I wear, which belonged to Alan. I wear it almost every day, yet I only started to pay attention to the fact this week.

I was walking back to my car along 58th at about 1:30 pm. Classes have ended for me and I need to get back to downtown for a study group meeting. Grade school was in recess and the kids were out. Running around the playground, playing some sort of baseball game, basketball, sharing toys on the steps, sharing new nature discoveries around the bushes... suddenly, the world slowed down so much. Across the street, a woman was walking her dog; she wasn't paying attention as the dog dragger her on. Another guy just jogged past me, iPods and all. A couple walked pass me, talking about their parents. I can hear the birds too.

The sun is out. Spring is here.

And then I realized I parked my car on Midway, not 58th! So I had to walk back to my car through the school. Funny when your mind is not right, even the trivial stuff goes wrong.

So much to write, so little time. This quarter is going to be interesting. Between Data-driven Marketing, International Comparative Organizations, Investments, and Chicago Asia Pacific Group (CAP) should keep my hands full. But it's definitely more relaxing and less pressure. All I'm really doing is looking forward to this summer's experience!

Oh, I switched my MSN picture and everybody started asking me who is in the picture. That's still me, okay? It was 10 years ago.

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