Ah, the interview...

This sounds kind of sick, but when I stepped into the xxx (heh heh) interview and got my first question, I found myself smiling a bit because I actually miss some of these interviews! Yes, I'm sick and disgusting, I know. Can we move on? Please?

The thing is... most interviews will come up with at least one question I never expected. Every time these questions come up, I learn something about myself that I didn't know before. And that makes me smile. This is my first interview of the season, and the first question quickly pushed me to the brink!

I think the interviews went okay. The fit parts really made me think about myself and my career (woohoo, first time this quarter!). Interesting cases that I eventually got to the bottom (I think) but not quite fast enough. Bottom line, I should have done much more to prepare myself for them. I blame the conference. Nah, just kidding, have to blame my lazy and tardy self. I hope they liked me enough. I certainly liked them. We'll see in a few days.

I bought a pair of Cole Haan dress shoes on the way back. They are so comfy. No, it wasn't therapy from a bad interview - I've always wanted a pair but never really walked pass the store at the right time. =)

Meanwhile, I said no to an interview for a position in the US. My mind is set. It's time to go to a place where I can't quite call home but could become one.

Oh, and the Cardinals just won the World Series. Can't wait to see the ratings on this one.


shmoo said...

When you get your apartment in HK, make sure you have a couch for me to sleep on when I come visit. I was just saying to Isabelle yesterday that when you have a friend in another country, it's imperative you take advantage. Hence my trip to France in December.

Le Voyageur said...

Best of luck in the xxx xxx (heh heh, we all know which one it is!) firm results!

Anonymous said...

i like cole hann shoes :) gd luck in all ur job interviews! i know u'll do well~