CAP Conference

I was thinking about how to write this post for days. Really, I was. Such a big event that a couple of us have placed so much effort in. I was dreaming about the moment when the conference ended. Would I just give a sigh of relief? Would I scream and release? Would I high five Dean Leftwich? Would I drink till I drop? Would I pat the behind of all the organizers (this would only happen if I drink till I drop)? Would I trade the silent wink with fellow organizers? Would I have that stupid grin on me for weeks?

Anyway, back to writing. Should I do a time line? Too long. Top 10 on what I learned? Maybe. Significant happenings? Perhaps. I really haven't thought about what to write, honestly.

Turns out I just gave a sigh of relief and then put a smile on my face for a night.

So let me just leave you with my impression of the conference: success. =) Not the smoothest of things, but certainly no complaints at all. Internally, we have much work to do to prepare for next year. Externally, there has been nothing but positive feedback from the attendees, save for they couldn't attend two panels at the same time. (um... wait till ALL of them give feedbacks, I bet there were some complaints)

Thank you to all the organizaers and volunteers to making this happen. The school was very supportive as well. And of course to all those guests who were willing to give their valuable time and effort for the sake of our attendees.

I will now become a student again.

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Anonymous said...

cool. congrats