Goominating the World

I can't believe I never got myself to using the Google reader. What a wonderful piece of technology. On Google Desktop, I have a tool bar that loads all the web clips so I be up to date with different blogs. The only problem is that the fonts are a bit small and I have to scroll up and down to click into new entries. Fear not, the Google reader basically acts as an inbox in your email. Hmmm... an idea for Google, why not just load it in Gmail? Anyway, Google reader will load all the entries on a blog and mark them as read or unread (You see, like emails) and sort them by either date or by author. Awesome tool to help me keep up with some 30 blogs that I frequent.

Speaking of blogs, Blogspot now offers the option to tag our entires. So far, I've made tags for review, movie, book, and food. What else should I add?

(Consider this the HKG jinx. I just had some good things to say about blogspot and it immediately decided that it cannot post my blog; luckily, copy and paste is always available and I am posting 2 hours after I originally wrote the above.)

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