This man needs ACT and LEAD

G.W. Bush. North Korea had an underground nuclear test, so GW has a live news conference to explain what needs to be done. I just listened to him use "my point is" to start two consecutive sentences. Mr. President, you are speaking, so it is clearly your point. If you have to state your point a second time, maybe you should have done it in your first sentence.

Oh so painful to watch the most powerful man on Earth struggle with his presentation. I mean I can understand how a debate or a Q&A session (truly disastrous to watch him struggle to answer simple questions from reporters) could be difficult for GW. But you have had plenty of time to prepare for your own statement!

On another note, I'm trying to upload some of my pictures from sailing but my computer/Blogger beta/Internet wouldn't let me do it.

"I thank the [world] leaders, this is why I call them on the phone!" he says in answering a question on what he would tell the world regarding a nuclear North Korea.

Thank you, GW, thank you.


CJ Lam said...

then add it in your template.

hope it works out!

hedonist said...

You know where GW went for B-School? HBS! What do you expect?!

Josekin said...

Wouldn't expect anything less. They are, afterall, ranked 4th.