Per the request of my friend from Boston, a little more "sunshine" in this blog today. Literally. By the way, if I got a dollar for every time he and his gf kissed in front of me, I'd be a hundredaire; oh yeah, you knew you were going to make this blog one way or the other... back to the blog.

I went sailing today with the Sail Club of the GSB. Awesome day for sailing. I was compelled by my experience to bring a fleece as well as a wind breaker to boat. I only needed one of them. The sun was great despite the unfavorable weather reports. Nice wind too... wasn't too gusty, but enough to keep the boat moving at a crisp pace. Tom, our captain, did a great job in making sure everybody had a great time on board.

I busted out my new GF and she did not disappoint. I need to review her performance tonight (uh... I mean mine... I can't blame her). The only thing was that the time we were sailing, the sun was right over downtown Chicago, thus making picture taking of downtown very difficult. Instead, I concentrated back on the boat and took pictures of people.

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