When does the snow come?

This season? October 12th. OCTOBER. This is madness. Not even Boston snowed this early.

Someone commented that I shouldn't be busy at all since I'm not doing much recruiting. You are half right and you missed a crucial component. I'm not doing much recruiting. But I am extremely busy with the Asia Pacific Conference. In fact, I might as well quit my day and night job as a GSB student and declare myself a full time conference planner. I can join the part time program and be discriminated against. Anyway, things I have done/need to do for the conference: marketing, sponsorship, logistics, ticket sales, volunteers, speakers, panelists, moderators, hotels, limos, etc etc etc. There you go: I am a very busy man. More than last Fall, in my opinion. I can't wait till the conference is over: I'd be a free man afterwards... just in time for full time recruiting. Arg. In the meantime, allow me to do some shameless self promoting:

The crucial component that many people miss is that other colleagues are doing consulting recruitings. Suddenly, my 10-week experience at a management consulting firm becomes bible to all consultant-wannabes. Everybody is asking for a case interview. I do my best to help, which takes up quite a lot of time!

So that's what I am busy with: conference and case interviews (for someone). Not exactly how I envisioned second year when I was a first year.


Sindy Kam Yan said...

WTF!!! you guys have snow today?! i am jealous! can't wait for skiing season to start here!

btw michael @ hotgossip is pretty good; he cut my hair too short though, and not as cheap as you said!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that...i can understand the feeling that someone questions your status while you're really busy
( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮