Shameless self-promo: Buy Tickets to CAP Conference!

Before the shameless self-promo, let me just say that this post is actually school related. You can buy tickets here. hehe. Last week during Fall Preview (i.e. event for MBA applicants), one of the applicants asked me how much time I spent with Chicago Asia Pacific Group (CAP). 40 hours or so a week. Business school is about priorities. Mine is currently not with classes.

Anyway, I thought a timeline would illustrate this the best:
1000: Meeting to lay out all the issues with the day of the conference
1120: meeting with meghak for case interview practice (I give the case)
1230: Meeting over, back home for lunch
1430: At school, start editing website
1530: Start drafting kit for all conference speakers
1535: Finding map of Hyde Park Center and parking options
1545: Find directions to the HPC
1630: Draft response to press coverage
1645: Start putting together booklet for conference
2100: Done (sort of) putting material together
2130: Back home, watching football, good times...
2330: Very bad times: key speaker cancels trip
0100: Making contigency plans
0230: Edit website to reflect newest lineup
0300: Must... do... one... more... thing...
0330: Zzzzzz
0700: Up and shower
0900: Case interview with TT
1000: Case interview with SO
1100: Corp fin study group - I have no done anything; today is no different
1130: CAP meeting on conference and other activities
1330: Continue updating kit (and skipping class)
1600: Alphagraphics to update booklet
1700: Selling tickets at Gleacher Center
1745: Another speaker drops out
1800: Class
2100: Back home
2101: Gather email to update kit, website, and booklet
2300: Start blog...
2301: Phone conference with organizers to get latest info
2315: Continue blog...

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