Sailing picture...

Apparently, you cannot upload from Picasa to Blogger after switching from Blogger to Blogger Beta (which by the way is a pretty good improvement over the non-beta version). Read about unhappy users here. The biggest downside besides the inconvenience is that I make adjustments to my pictures in Picasa and I cannot post them. Instead, I have to use upload in Blogger which doesn't have the edited picture. So frustrating.

Anyway, here's one of my first pictures from my new GF. You can see the rest of the pictures here (not edited, some are quite horrendous, but I didn't want to leave things out for the people on the trip). Judging from my sailing pictures and selected pictures from Japan, I really need to take some lessons to learn the tech side of photography. My days as an amateur photographer (definition: never received formal training) may soon be over once I have time to take some lessons.

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