Weekend after first class

Naturally, I couldn't get myself to do any real work during the weekend. With apologies to my colleagues, I do have my weekends starting on Wednesday afternoon. Nonetheless, there was plenty of fake work to do.

Saturday night was Maroons' victory party. About 20 showed up at various times (i.e. 40% of our cohort, which is pretty good!) and we didn't order enough drinks to cover the minimum charge for reserving space. So we ordered champaigne. Good times.

After the victory parade, I headed over to Regents for a poker game. Better lucky than good: so true, so true. My all in attempt with pocket Qs was, predicatbly, called by A-K unsuited. My lost when a spade came on the river and my opponent made a flush. Sigh. I need to start playing in those higher stakes Wednesday night games. I can swallow $20 easy... but $60...?

Sunday morning, after 5 hours of sleep, I woke up to go play tennis in Hyde Park. Perhaps I will play more this year. Just need the right tennis partner. We played mixed doubles, and there was an interesting game which went to duece #12. I was serving. I swear my arm was falling off at the end from serving so much.

So in the afternoon, I finally started doing some real work... and promptly fell asleep reading articles. It's uncanny. I woke up and finished my reading and went back home... where they were showing the Patriots Bengal game. You can guess what happened in the next 5 hours. haha.

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