One week of classes...!

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Oh yes... one week done and here's what I think of all my classes. They are listed in sequence of my attendance, starting last Wednesday.

Managerial Decision Making - the MDM class has had the reputation of being a very fun class. Not this professor. He almost put me to sleep. I am dropping this class, despite having only two classes left. Something will turn out. Or maybe I just need to switch professors.

Private Equity Finance - I was always skeptical about the 1hr20m classes in two days. Not anymore. We have to read 2 cases a week... if both were discussed on the same day, I might have brain cancer by the end of the, um, maybe, 3rd class. And that's being very generous to my limited brain cells. Anyway, glad that we've split it into 2 days. The professor seems very good at disecting the case problems and translating it into frameworks. Very typical GSB, actually. Although it's going to a class that pushes and rocks me (ala Corp Fin 2 - hey, I passed!), I think I will learn a lot in this class. Keeper.

Go to Market - basically a market channel class. I thought this would compliment my work as a management consultant in China. The professor seems very good, cracking jokes and keeping the class engaged. Yet I feel that the topic was dragging her. It is, afterall, market channels. I'll keep it anyway. There better be an international component to it.

Photography - my first photography class, courtesy of Huckle Cat and her post. I've mentioned many times that I feel that I've reached the limit as a photographer (which isn't saying much!)... so this is my first step. Excellent class! I have learned so much in just two classes. There's going to be a lot of work related to this class, but I don't mind it at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I will learn more from this class than all my other GSB classes. Noaf knock against the GSB classes, of course, but it's just that I'm much more motivated to learn about photography.

Small Business Entrepreneurship Lab - I'm not in this class yet. It's a very small class with very limited seats. So since I screwed up my bidding this quarter, I might have to just audit this class. It's a lab, so very hands on and very time consuming. I just hope I get credit for it. Our client is Orion's Mind: they basically run after school tutor programs for lower income families. I'm a bit torn between spending a lot of time on this class (not receiving credit) and not taking this class and missing this golden opportunity to learn about the education field. I've bidded for the class. We shall see.

To be determined - I've added in DAS IV (don't ask, non-GSBers, unless you want to see my head explode) the aforementioned Small Business class, Business Policy (strategy class), and MDM with a different professor. I'm hoping two of the three turn out, or else I'm dropping to take a Social Entrepreneurship (not quite a lab...) class and a Managing Organization (organizational behavior) class.

I believe that's it. Five classes total, including the off-campus photography class. Many things I like. Many things that are unknown. Well, it's not exactly the best combination, but I won't complain. I hope DAS works out. Back to school work now.

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