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What the hell? I haven't written about food and movies for 2 weeks!?

Marrakech (4.5 Stars) - part of GSB's Around the World dinner series, this Moroccan place offers all the basic stuff. Nothing remarkable. Considering that we paid $10 per person that includes adequate food and a couple glasses of wine, I'd say it's a good deal. CM commented that the pictures made the food look much better than it was. Fair enough. No pictures. Not recommended.

By the way, if you wish, please join me in protesting to citysearch (just email "") about the new star system. For example, Marrakech was a 8.7 when I looked it up a month ago. It is now a 4.5 star, making it comparable to establishments such as Wildfire, Bistro 110, Trattoria No. 10, and Coco Pazzo Cafe. I mean, how can I trust citysearch anymore when they equate Marrakech to Coco Pazzo Cafe!!?? HOW!?

Yolk (5 stars) - arg, I can't stop. Yolk is good, but it's no Sola, also a 5-star establishment. Anyway, my french toast was perfectly done and touched up with fresh blueberries. I also tasted the peach crepe, which was a tad too sweet but otherwise very yummy. The place is nice and bright, though very crowded. It would have been an ridiculous wait for a table had we not made reservations. Recommended.

Harold's Chicken Shack (will not honor with ratings) - I finally got to test this Hyde Park legend. The Chase bank is right beside it, so I've actually passed by Harold's many times. I never realized, however, that it served its food over a bullet proof glass and a carousel counter! Classic stuff. Yet another reason why you should live away from Hyde Park. Recommended... only for the bullet proof glass experience.

I was afraid to take pictures of the bullet proof glass - so I took pictures of the wings instead

Room 21 (4.5) - this is a brand new restaurant - less than four weeks, I was told - with one of the coolest decors I've ever seen in a restaurant. It was Al Capone's old hide out where he store the alcohol during prohibition. If you've seen "Untouchables", this is the room where they busted the alcohol! They even featured a secret tunnel that let the crooks escape.

On to the food: the Fried Shrimp Cocktail was surprisingly good, with a spicy salsa sauce that really raised the level; the tuna tartar was good (I have yet to taste a screwed up one); the mini steak burgers were excellent with some mystery sauce, and the crab cake risotto was light, craby, and not too creamy. Excellent appetizers. The main entres were more ordinary, however. The Fillet Mignon was adequate and the Halibut was pretty piss poor. The side dishes, the fried mashed potato and creamy corn, however, were innovative and extremely good. Deserts were good though, and I would highly recommend the Banana sorbet with blueberries - just sweet enough that you can taste it; just light enough that you can still eat it. Recommended... if the prices were 25% cheaper.

If you are really curious about one food item, email me and I'll let you know which one it is...!
Spiderman 3 - with super super low expectations, I found the 3rd installment still slightly bad.
Cheesy dialog plus dumb plot minus good action means a boring 2 hours. Let me think... nope, there wasn't even one cool fight scene. Not recommended.

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