Lessons learned from Boston

First of all, you can see Boston pictures here... and three lessons I learned from my return to Boston as a tourist.

1. Traveling for food is the best reason. Way before we arrived in Boston, we already made requests and reservations for different food. Without further ado, from left to right, top to bottom: lobster at Quincy Market, Black Pepper Lobster at Blue Ginger (5 stars in city search... what happened to the points!?), Butterfish with Soba Sushi and very good wasabi also at Blue Ginger, Spicy Beef Bowl at my old hideout Cafe Mami (4.5 Stars), O-Toro with Caviar at the immortal Oishii (5 stars of course), spider roll at Oishii, alligator roll at Oishii, and two pictures of the too-good-to-be-true Molten Chocolate and three different types of ice cream at Finale (No stars since it is the brand new Brookline restaurant). We also went to Cafe Vittoria (5) for tiramisu, Emack and Bolio (4.5) to get smoothies, Bartley's (4.5) to get deadly frappe (er, milkshake), China Pearl (4.5) and the biggest shrimp dumpling in the world, and Dok Bua (4.5 again, god I hate these stars) for cheap but delicious Thai dinner.

2. Perspective is important... being a tourist is completely different from living in Boston. This time back, I decided to do all the tourist things (besides driving in Boston - that's something a tourist can't possibly handle). Alas, it's not as fun as the food; but I did actually enjoy the city a lot! The historic walks were excellent and the public parks were beautiful. Of course, perfect weather helped too.

3. Don't make unnecessary changes when things are going well. We went to watch the Red Sox battle the Os at Fenway. Their pitcher dominated us for 8.3 innings. An error by the catcher allowed Coco Crisp to get on base rather than facing 1 last out. Ortiz doubled (picture below) home the run and the come back was on its way. Anyway, when the Os decided to take out the starting pitcher, I was baffled. He has been dominating us with only 10 pitches per inning. TEN! Why would you switch him out!? This is like firing the top VP when a lowly associate made a silly mistake. Idiotic. And it cost them the game.


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

The Dirty Canuck said...

this was actually the gf's last weekend in Boston (well, Cambridge), since her classes are over. she and i will miss some of these same things about the city (Blue Ginger, Oishii, Finale, Bartley's, for sure). she will definitely not miss the Red Sox - she's a true-and-true New Yorker and die-hard Yankees fan.

great pics (they're making me hungry for ice cream at 8am), and glad you had fun.

shmoo said...

There's a Finale in Brookline now?

Also, I can't believe PNGF went with you to China Pearl.

Josekin said...

YANKEES SUCK! And sometimes they swallow too... especially that A-Rod character. heh heh.

Shmoo, in my defense, it was hard to get any tables for a party of 10 on Mother's Day.

shmoo said...

Huh? What are you defending yourself from?

The Dirty Canuck said...

oh trust me, sir. i concur re: the Yankees. there will definitely be war in our household as to who i should root for, especially since siding with the Mets would be tantamount to suicide.

maybe the Cubs or White Sox from my time here, or the Braves since she spent part of her childhood in Atlanta. the Jays are no fun. i always had a soft spot for the Orioles (the Brady Anderson / Cal Ripkin Jr years), so maybe i'll go with the O.

pngf said...

shmoo, why can't u believe i went to china pearl? i've been there before. and china pearl is much better than phoenix in chicago :P

Elena said...

The highlights were definitely food (lobster, Blue Ginger, Cafe Mami)! Yum!
And the Red Sox has definitely won me over as a fan!