GSB lack hot women?

Okay, I might as well set myself up to be kicked out of school before graduation (in a month!).

During our Kentucky Derby trip, our RV ladies vehemently defending other GSB ladies, saying that there are many eligible girls who are single at the GSB. There are always guys at the GSB who keep complaining about the quality of women. Alas, I have found the root cause and the solution. So listen up.

Root cause: those who complain are always banker types; they are mostly male, the loudest, and they have a sample bias.

Solution: join the Marketing Group! I did a presentation for them on how to make a good powerpoint slide. I think I counted 5 men among 30 girls, and the 30 girls were pretty good looking.

As for the Bulls game I attended, let's just say the most exciting part of the game was this lady:

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shmoo said...

I don't think you'll get kicked out of the GSB for stating such revolutionary comments. No matter what those bankers say, we know the truth!