Midterm week should mean more blogs

  • My previous post on my friend being punched in the face reminded me of one of my favorite posts from way back. Good times.
  • Yesterday was monumental in that there was exactly ONE blog post among the 30 something blogs I subscribe to. Everybody is taking a vacation from blogging, even the folks from Freakenomics!
  • Meanwhile, it's midterm week at the GSB and I'm finding all sorts of way to procrastinate
    • Make your class gift donations here!
    • Got tickets to Europe and then to Hong Kong... it's becoming a reality, damn it
    • Tried to leave a comment on The Dirty Canucks blog... unsuccessfully
    • Gathering photographers around the GSB for a project for the class gift
    • And, when I ran out of procrastination tasks, posting a blog
Bulls win Game 2... and then 3 and 4... bring it on, Detroit

Sunset from my apartment, I'll use a tri pod next time

We had brunch at Lula Cafe (9.7!) which was very good. I'm starting to feel that my writing don't do justice anymore. Here are the pictures.

Carrot-Coriander Griddle Cakes

Beef Sirloin Eggs Benedict

The well named Sticky Bun


sindy said...

proud to be the one.. i had a fever and could not write nor think for the whole week before yesterday.

when will you be in HK? now that i don't have to go back in July, i may go in the fall instead.

The Dirty Canuck said...

(1) alas, no comments on my blog. i'm old-skool with the email. might change in the future, though. sorry for the frustration.

(2) as i said before - awesome pics.

Le Voyageur said...

carrot-cardamom, not carrot-coriander. i've been craving them ever since i saw the pic...

shmoo said...

Still waiting for you or BSLW to send me your Eurotinerary...

The Dirty Canuck said...

weird. i also put "coriander" on my blog. i took the name from the menu, though, not from memory. i did go through my spice cupboard just now, and alas, only have coriander seed, so can't compare.