What can OB do for you?

If you are GSB Class of 2007, please help us fill out this survey about networking. It's ironic that as our group does a project on networking, we find our own networks rather narrow: they don't include many investment bankers! Oh the irony.


Classes this quarter have been great. I'm learning about power in organizations and how to achieve (and lose) them. I'm learning how to be happy (strangely, or perhaps not strangely, I think I've already been able to execute life to be happy). I've learned how to make a break up very bad - all of which has been applied to me before... but now I have a psychological term for it... YEAH! I've learned about all sorts of systematic biases that people and organizations hold.

So what can organizational behavior classes do for you? Nothing much for now... that's what I've learned so far. For the average associate level employee, OB lessons may help manage your own professional life better, but that's about it. However, the higher you go, the more important these OB lessons become. Actually, it's more like irreplaceable.

Onto life:
  • Bulls win game 5, finally making this a worthwhile series.
  • Liverpool vs. AC Milan next week. I can't wait for Liverpool to repeat its 2005 miracle run (nah... AC is way too good for Liverpool... though I do want to see Crouch's robot dance, highest of high comedy)
  • By the way, how did THIS happen!? HOW LOW HAVE WE SUNK!? I demand a real vote.
  • Never understood why the NBA was so defensive about the study on refs being racially biased. It happens to anyone, even refs. Think about how to ensure the bias, no matter how big or small, go away. Don't always think we don't have a problem!
  • I've been told that seeing my food pictures (specifically, dessert) in the morning has an adverse effect on my reader's health. So be it.

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