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  • Just an alert to my friends who tend to study at your local coffee shop: I've heard two thefts in the last few days at places around Michigan Ave. Beware.
  • I forgot to mention that I played in a charity poker tournament last week and was among the final three tables among about 200 players. Yay!
Sunday night, I went for German food, courtesy of MA, a German himself, who highly recommended it. Laschet's Inn (4 stars) was excellent if you like mystery meat. Just kidding, the meat was very juicy and the spartzle was very good. As with all other Western food establishments, the lighting was dim and I squinted at the menu to figure out what was what. Laschet's Inn has a natural charm to it and the service was very good. Of course, there was also great beer selection!

Remember my first and second post on rumors? (By the way, this link is a classic and a must read, if you are GSB... yet I digress...) Well, yours truly won two prizes from the Greater China Club survey: most likely to have an affair and one night stand. Yay... victory... NOT. Both NPV negative projects, as opposed to be on Wall Street Journal, first CEO, and being a millionaire. Another noteworthy observation is that the runner up and second runner up are both consultants. Apparently bankers don't have time for affairs and one night stands.

Did a photoshoot for a friend of a friend around Chicago. This is my first time, so it is quite fun. I have a lot to learn, obviously. I don't like most of the pictures although there were a few that turned out well. In general, I don't like any posing and find candid shots much more compelling. I'll take another chance to practice anytime though!

Also ate at Cafe des Architectes (4.5 stars). It's in a chic hotel (Sofitel) that reminded me of a cooler W, which I previously thought wasn't possible. There was great lighting for photography, and the food was also excellent. My ordered my usual measuring stick, Eggs Benedict, and it came out quite well. The roasted tomato made the dish though - made just right and not too squashy. PP ordered a egg white thing (see below) that was also quite good. Despite being in a hotel, the prices were reasonable for the quality.

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shmoo said...

What's with the obsession with the Citysearch ratings suddenly? I think you should rate them yourself. Perhaps on the A-F scale (no +'s and -'s at the GSB).

pngf said...

"a friend of a friend?!" DUDE...