RV to Kentucky Derby!

After listing the high and low lights, I've decided that it was a worthwhile experience but I wouldn't do it again. At least I get to cross it off my "to-do" list (yes, sadly, RVing was on my to do list)...

Highlight: mint juleps (thank you, AE) and beer
Lowlight: Coors light all the time

Highlight: Getting gas and propane
Lowlight: $150 gas tap...
Lowlight 2: Propane guy says "y'all better get out of the RV now"

Lowlight: We scratched our RV at a gas station
Highlight: the RV rental guys didn't pick up on it

Highlight: water to brush teeth
Lowlight: no showering for 3 days

Highlight: say hi to high society while in RV gear
Lowlight: they immediately looked away and walked faster

Highlight: turkey brat #2
Lowlight: hamburger #13

Highlight: BF made scones and muffins while AE made past and fruit salad
Lowlight: Starbucks, Taco Bell (avoid the Seven Layer Crunchy thing at all cost), burger, eggs, burger, burger, Starbucks, and Burger King were our meals.

Highlight: the horse we bet on won
Lowlight: the horses that we also bet on didn't

Highlight: all those nice hats in and around Churchill Downs
Highlight 2: people watch
Lowlight: water bed (if you ask, I can elaborate)

Highlight: a drunk NR
Lowlight: a drunk NR

Highlight: Derby infield was great
Lowlight: trashy RV park was not

Highlight: shower at home after the trip
Lowlight: massive #2 in HPC

Highlight: RV bathroom looked good
Lowlight: we weren't allowed to use it (RV rule #1), so it was portapotties for all three days
Highlight: bathrooms at Starbucks, Taco Bell, Burger King, and HPC

Below is some pictures I took... for all of it with a lot of head shots, you can get them here.

Our RV
Requisite liquor store stop
RV Park... not much space for anything

Infield of Churchill Down
Churchill Down Entrance
Oh, and of course there's the race...


Anonymous said...

If you like the Derby, you would like the Indy 500 even more..same principle..stand in the infield with a bunch of drunks and babes, but instead of horses circling around you, it's Danica Patrick
and friends. Even closer than Louisville, and they sell grandstand tickets for 15 bucks at the gate that are always available.
Plus, you can park for free at the coca-cola bottling plant next to the track. Highly recommended by a
fellow Chicagoan who loves to slum on the glorious outskirts of civilization outside Chicago.
Check out Indy sunday! You'll love it!

Dery Goer said...

Been to the Indy 500 but I have to say...there's just something about the Derby that I like more. I don't know what it is.

Anonymous said...

What RV park did you stay at?