Second Yearnitis

Kentucky Derby pictures can be seen here.

If you haven't given to the class gift, here's the link.

If I went to this sushi restaurant (which I won't, because I am boycotting Chicago sushi), I might just leave every thing on the plate and pay more than the buffet price.

Speaking of sushi, I'm heading to Boston for the great Oishi. Also on the schedule is Blue Ginger and of course good ol lobsters. I'm also watching Josh Beckett pitch for his eighth consecutive victory to start the season (this Sunday). It'll be fun to approach Boston as a tourist.

Second yearnitis is hitting hard! I have to plan for Boston, Peru, Europe, move to Hong Kong... oh, and of course there are four classes, but who wants to know about those! Although... I would like to live a day and label all my conversations with biases I've learned from OB classes. For example:

PNGF: my exam sucked
Me: that is a negativity dominance bias
PNGF: you are so juvenile
Me: that is a fundamental attribution error
PNGF: shut up now
Me: that will be a self fulfilling prophecy
PNGF: you are so dead
Me: I can't fin... OUCH!


Huckle Cat said...

I totally feel it too...this is my first day in HP in weeks!

I'm jealous you're going to Blue Ginger--can't wait to hear about it.

shmoo said...

I never went to Blue Ginger in all my years in Boston. But I went to the Federalist.

pngf said...

you are SO dead =)