Week 9 in Spring Quarter

Here's a picture that quite accurately describes the feeling at the GSB right now. Together with my colleagues at the GSB, having a great time... before we head our different directions.

Last week was the last class for Power and Influence. Great class, by the way. The wrap up touched me with two subjects. Liminality is "the space in between," as in our current position between MBA and full time job. Menon says it's in this space that we are most open to learning and new things. I agree with her. While this whole quarter has been rather relaxing, a stark difference from the past five, it has been a quarter of learning - both in class and out of class. Another subject from the last class I will put it in quotes:

"People prepare perfectly for their wedding; they do not prepare for the marriage. People prepare for their interviews; they do not prepare for the job."

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