24 marathon

Last time I was glued to the TV for a whole day, it was 911.

This time, it's 24. I wonder if it's the numbers. I've seen episodes here and there when they were live. Per my usual principle, I don't like TV series. It hooks you in and leaves you with a cliffhanger every week. I can't get over it. So when 6 discs of season one came knocking on my door, it eliminated my biggest fear: handling the suspense.

Since I came back from Galapagos (website almost ready!), I've done a lot of work on my photos and also travel journal. But mostly, in the last three days, I've watched the entire season one of 24. That's right, all 24 episodes. I counted... about 45 minutes per episode. It was addictive. Evil. And soooo good. It was also predictable, not too suspenseful, and full of holes hat make you scratch your head (and in my case, pulling my hair). If there's one life lesson you have to learn from 24... it is this:
1. don't date people in the office

Oh, and I also had a wonderful brunch with Meghaks at Bonger Room (I think...) and it was deviliously delicious. Plus I learned the difference between flapjacks, pancakes, and hotcakes. I had the hotcake and it was okay. But the chocolate tower that Meghaks insisted that we order and share was to die for. I'm learning about so many more brunch places now. Should make it a habbit. Unfortunately, 24 has limited me to dumplings today - they were no hassle and I can glue myself to the couch as they cooked. Perfect.

So now, my life is back to normal. I was told that there are DVDs of Season Two. I don't think I can handle it though. Now I need to get back to my travel journal and get things organized.


shmoo said...

My "favorite" part was the random amnesia story arc. So lame.

I've hard about the Bongo Room. Never been though. How come I wasn't invited to these brunches? Huh? Huh?

Anonymous said...

yeah no season 2 for you. i'm cutting you off for your own good. :p

Josekin said...

Ops... it's the Bongo Room. Not Bonger Room, which sounded wrong to me initially but I was too lazy to check the real name out.