Memorial Services

Responses first: Huckle cat, the class is great. I should have taken it with someone from the GSB though, just so I can bitch about how little time I have to take a measly 50 pictures a week. CL/RK, you made it onto a link, so stop complaining! To my friends who are taking Business Policy, I'm so screwed. I have to read The Best and the Brightest in one night and spit out a three page paper. Oh, and of course I should probably buy the book first.

I went to Anant's memorial service today. I didn't know Anant very well, but it was a time to support his family and also those who did know him well. When his sister spoke... it hit me that today was exactly 3 and a half years since Alan left us for a better place. When I shook her hands while exiting the memorial service, I looked into her eyes and I think we both shared a brief moment of sorrow that only brothers and sisters would understand.

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Faisal said...

I've been thinking about Anant's memorial service - although traveling has been great so far, when news like this hits you, you quickly realize how much it sucks not having your friends and GSB community around you.