I'm pissed...

Perhaps this is weird, but I feel pissed at myself for being pissed at someone who isn't worth being pissed at. My colleagues in my study group laughed about it and I came up with a perfect analogy: you can't be pissed at your younger brother if he's 10 years younger and just trying to annoy you.

But the fact is, I am affected. (James, if you are reading this, I'm not talking about you... um... not even the analogy. I'm talking about younger boys in general, not you.) Anyway, this aforementioned person, a business school student with a mindset of a younger adolescence, continues to annoy me. And allowing myself to sink low to be annoyed pisses me off. Also pissing me off is that these silly things have no place at the GSB. But mostly I'm a selfish person, so I am pissed at my own reactions.

Why can't I just let go? Arg.

On the brighter side, I did learn a very important lesson in management, simplified courtesy of IM: if he can betray your trust once, he will betray it again. I guess I was (am?) too nice about it. Fool me twice, shame on me. Hey, look, something I will definitely take to my next job! =)


Helen said...

what happened this time?

Satyajeet said...

Got to remember to ask you bout this on campus today.:)

Josekin said...

Not a chance, Satyajeet, not a chance.

shmoo said...

I'm now imagining Josekin running whenever he sees SS coming.

Hey, that rhymes!

Tim said...

Wait - annoying people at the GSB?'ve gotta be kidding.

Soon enough you'll be back in the real world....can't promise that there won't be any annoying people. But I can promise that there aren't any annoying people at the firm you're about to join.