Footsteps in life

This is a picture manufactured by myself at the Galapagos. We all leave footsteps in life that gets washed away by the tide. Sometimes they stay on for a bit, but the tide will catch up.

On Sunday, I received some unfortunate news from the GSB. One of our classmates has passed away. I have spoken with Anant a few times during my first year... the usual types of conversations that covers either our professional past and future or our classes for the quarter. I have seen him around campus every now and then and we exchange a hand wave or a "what's up" before moving on with our own business.

I remember Anant being a sincere and serious guy. He listened intently when I spoke and expected the same from me when he spoke. Good guy to have on your side or across the negotiation table. Those are his footsteps in me.

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